Getting Real

Report 1067 – So you want to tell Her?

erica-3 | 12.27.2010 | Reports - Getting Real

Before I met my partner, I regularly dressed up for play parties and fetish clubs, so my desire to dress up was discussed early on in our relationship. (I’m a bi guy who likes dressing up as a sissy, cock-worshipping slut or as a gender-vague, sadistic, top.) Unfortunately for both of us, soon after we met we had a series of medical issues that took over our lives and made things difficult.

Those times are over now, and I have been given permission to wear my sissy underwear any time I like, but I haven’t been forced to wear them as of yet. Several times she has “caught” me wearing my panties and punished/rewarded me as she saw fit and we’ve both enjoyed it.