Report 1068 – Shaving

alektra | 12.29.2010 | Reports - Girlish Essence

I recently completed your shaving assighment not only did i buy the razor (spa breeze with lubed strp) for shaving but i also purchesed a bottle of nair hair removal it was scary the lady at the register knew me some how and i could tell she knew what was going on by the devilish look in her face but i just ignored any thought that came to mind after the embarcing moment i got home and started my warm bath water as the water was running i covered my self in the nair and waited untill the seven mins were up as i read on the driections i hoped in the the tub and watched in amazement as all the hair started to come off my body before getting out of the tub i took a quick inspection and found a little hair in my ankles and knees so i took the razor and finished shaving the couple spots i missed when i finished i put some lotion all over my body and now im as smooth as can be