Report 1070 – Sexy sissy Smoking

triciadale | 12.30.2010 | Reports - Womens Studies

Or have you ever been serenaded by a chaffinch?

This sissy knows that smoking is bad for her/him but it does lead to some memorable moments as (s)he gets to meet different people while enjoying the smoke; people who s.he likely wouldnÍt meet otherwise. The following is a real life example of what can happen.

Unfortunately smoking is only permitted outside pubs and restaurants in the UK. In sissyÍs local bar there are two options if you want a cigarette. You can go to the front, on the road where the rent boys gather. The sissy girls call this door-whoring and it is where this sissyÍs picture was taken. The alternative is at the back where there is a small shelter. This is known as the leper colony.