Report 1077 – Anal Submission

kelli-3 | 02.02.2011 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy has been working hard at learning how to maintain and stretch her sissy cunt — s.he has been doing this for years since discovering in teenage years how nice it could feel and then thanks to a very special Woman who helped her realize it was okay and natural for to receive plugs and dildos deep in pussy. Just last night s.he was taking the largest toy in her collection which is over twelve insertable inches long — s.he can only take about seven inches as it is 2.5″ thick. s.he has lots of different lubes and has an xl sized anal douche. s.he’s going to send in evidence of her accepting a very large plug – s.he also has a somewhat smaller glass plug which s.he can wear for longer periods of time. s.he needs to take more photos of .herself taking real cock-shaped dildos but is still learning how to take good pictures. This sissy also hopes the House will enjoy the color of her nails in the photos. This sissy promises to provide more visual evidence of her dedication to anal submission. Thank You, again, for viewing my submission, this site is truly inspiring this sissy to be the best sissy s.he can be.