Report 1091 – Cocksucking

wendyslut | 09.14.2011 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy had a chance to work on her cock sucking assignment and would like to share her experience with the Superiors of the House. It began when the sissy applied for a loan from the local bank and was surprised to hear they offered home visits to discuss the clients needs. This sissy wwas excited at the prospect of a visitor from the bank so dressed business like with a whaite blouse and short grey skirt.The sissy made sure she had sexy undies on with black stockings and suspenders and high heels. The door bell rang and the sissy allowed the man from the bank to enter.The sissy could tell he was pleased with her look. He told the sissy that the amount requested would normally be declined but He could let it through if she was nice to him and rubbed his crotch as he spoke ! This sissy got the message and was soon on her knees unzipping the bankers trousers. The sissy soon had the bankers cock in her hand and looked up at him.