Report 1105 – Shaving

penelope93 | 09.24.2012 | Reports - Girlish Essence

My spouse surprised me with her modification of the first assignment. Instead of shaving she scheduled me for a full body wax at Irene Denov’s saloon and spa on Tuesday. She order me to wear my outside feline attire panty girdle over nylon full cut panties hose a camisole beige slacks with elastic waist blouse with a peter pan collar naturalizer flats and a c;lurch with my credit card in my boys name.She dropped off at the public lot in town 5 blocks from the saloon. My walk down main street did not go unnoticed by many of the matrons I passed who were in town shopping. I was beet red when I enter the saloon and ask for Mrs Senator who my wife made the appointment with. She look at me for what seemed like hours but then led me to the waxing room in the rear.