Report 1130 – Anal Submission

princess audrey maid
Dear House Superiors, this slut is reporting about how s he now loves her sissy pussy filled. on sissy's special day about 4 months ago i slept in bed next to my wife. She doesn't know about my growing sissy side and on this night this slut was especially horny and excited for her special day to begin the next morning. my wife was leaving at 6:00 am for the day. so this sissy put on a pair of her slut panties and then filled her sissy cunt with her new vibrating butt plug. slut put on her mans boxer shorts over her panties so when walking in bedroom and climbing into bed her wife wouldn't see. i didn't turn on my plug. this sissy was so full and thought she made a mistake doing this. after a while my pussy must have begun to stretch because sissy's anal discomfort was replaced with a feeling of slutty contentment. sissy slowly pulled down her boy boxers leaving her laying next to her wife in green ruffled panties with her butt plug! this slut was so horny and excited wanting, hoping, dreading getting caught by her wife. my plug by then felt like it was always destined to be in my boy cunt. sissy thought how wonderful it would be to be plugged 24/7.
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It so comforting to be a member of this community, (you are all my sweet sisters) to know this sissy is not alone, in my exploration into what it is to be a sweet pathetic sissy, who’s only desire is… Read more “sally”