Report 1140 – Tucking

Girlish Essence
slutmarlene is now tucking herself. What a great experience! First and most importantly: No longer any bulge where there should be no bulge at a sissy body. But the tucking with tape helpes her further develop her sissy feelings and - very important for a good sissy - her servility and humility. It certainly fosters her overall compliance. From time to time, when walking or sitting, the sissy clit tucked between her legs also presents her a wonderful arousal. And one important point not to be forgotten: It makes her aware of the fact that her sissy clit must only be masturbated with her hands when she is ordered to do so by her Mistress or Master or, when it is her day to do so (masturbation schedule). Till that moment, she realises that her sissy clit only serves to give her release from her inevitable sissy wee-wees. And for that with her sissy clit tucked between her legs with a small opening only there is no other option left than to do her wees when sitted on the toilet - another very important sissy rule indeed!
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