vanessa-kitty | 01.07.2018 | Reports - Getting Real

Dear sissy’s loving Mistresses,

This Assignment taught this sissy how s.he should stick to he.r resolutions, work through them and ultimately fulfill them like a good girl.

This sissy learned that s.he should take he.r time and not try to jump into everything all at once. this sissy should set reasonable and achievable goals that s.he can meet over the course of a year.

This sissy learned s.he needs to be realistic when choosing the amount of goals to set at one time. sissy can always come up with new goals later.

In order to accomplish these goals sissy should break down he.r work load. s.he should look over the assignments available to he.r and make a list of lessons which jump out to he.r.
this sissy should choose 1 or 2 lessons and commit to completeing them within the next few weeks. this sissy chooses: Ten Rules of Anal Sex, The sissy Kiss, sissy Shaving and Safety, Meeting and sissies.

sissy must remember to keep track of he.r training regime and keep it fresh in he.r mind if s.he is to complete he.r resolution.

sissy must stand by he.r training and fulfill it to he.r Loving Mistresses expectations if s.he wishes to be taken seriously in this institution and by he.r Mistresses.

sissy must continue he.r routine until it feels like second nature to be feminine, until it feels more natural than masculinity. Only then will sissy begin to feel like s.he is fulfilling he.r ultimate goal.

sissy must hold true to he.r training so that sh.e comes out much more feminine and much more sissified at the end of 2018.

Love forever and ever,



  1. Hi vanessa – such good choices for your resolutions! The sissy shaving assignment will be transformational for you if you are anything like this sissy. Being hairless is a way of life for this sissy and it feels amazing. Each time you sit down to use the restroom, you will be reminded of your status and your position in life; the daily reminders are so very delightful. This sissy can’t wait to see your progress in this new year. xox

    ~ashley anne

  2. Congrats for giving some thought to choosing your resolutions! As you imply, it does little good to choose a whole bunch of activities and then fail to take any of them to completion! Best wishes for your success in 2018! Hugs, Jamie

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