sissynancy | 06.08.2005 | Reports - Girlish Essence

since reading the assignments as outlined by the Mistresses of the House, this sissy has decided to improve her sissy walk and proper sissy mannerisms.

This sissy remembers, how as a little girly-boy, she frequently had to accompany her mother and auntie on shopping forays downtown where the women would shop for and try on dresses, lingerie, and girdles in the various department stores. In those days (the late 1950Ís and early 1960Ís) it was quite common for the larger stores, such as macys, to have open try-on rooms in the rear of the ladiesÍ dress department where the women could try on dresses before various mirrors before purchase. In those rooms, which were fairly large and open, were placed upholstered chairs and couches where the women could relax, as well as for seating for onlookers and others that were assisting the women in shopping and in trying on dresses. Purchasing a new dress in those days was a big event for lots of women and it most often entailed an all-day affair.