Report 293 – Let’s go Shopping!

Stopping at a convenience store lacy entered the restroom carrying a small bag with her bra and panty set, and pantyhose to change into under her male outer clothing. lacy had another store to stop at for even more shopping. The Intimate Apparel store! Having shopped there on her last shopping assignment lacy knew that she could try on items there in safety. Almost quivering with anticipation lacy went back to her car and drove the short distance to Intimate Apparel. Entering Intimate Apparel lacy was flushed and excited and nervous. A you and cute clerk Elisabeth greeted lacy and asked is she needed help. lacy asked to look around a bit first. lacy then enlisted Elisabeth's aid in selecting several items to try on. A satin steel boned corset with six garters, a bra and thong panty set in pink, another corset with hearts on it, all went into the dressing room with lacy. As Elisabeth closed the door she told lacy that if she needed anything brought to the dressing room just ask. lacy thanked her and proceeded to try on the items. Everything fit except the corset with the hearts. Coming out of the dressing room lacy took her items to the register and asked for some help picking out stockings and a pair of shoes to go with her other purchases. Elisabeth helped lacy pick out a pair of pink stockings with bows at the top then proceeded to the shoes.
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