Report 307 – The sissyWalk

Girlish Essence
When sissy first got her open girdle, she started right away. sissy first took a nice, long refreshing bath to calm her nerves and to rid her body of any unsightly hair. After her bath, sissy then dressed properly in the clothes that she had carefully placed out perfectly on her bed to practice with. To be honest with her Mistress, sissy was confused as to why she should purchase the girdle, but as sissy put it on, she noticed how disiplining it felt. sissy could feel her legs move in the girdle, and she came to understand the significance of the girdle (that will teach sissy to ever wonder why Mistress has made out the rules!) sisst then began with her lessons.
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satin trudi

Before joining the House trudi connected with a wide variety of scammers intent on taking advantage of sissies desperate to find a partner for training and ownership. As a group we are expressing ourselves honestly to a world not yet… Read more “satin trudi”