becky-5 | 07.22.2005 | Reports - Place and Worship

Each assignment helps bring jill further along in her sissification and (s)he hopes this pleases the Staff. Continued study and practice has made jill the sissy (s)he is today and (s)he desires nothing more than to please the Staff.

Servitude may sound like a simple task to some, but on contemplation is a difficult task requiring the utmost of attention. In itÍs most basic form, servitude simply requires doing any and all tasks for the sole purpose of pleasing oneÍs Superior(s). sissy jill has discovered that there is an almost endless supply of details that (s)he can try to deal with so as not to make her Superiors have to worry about the minutia of everyday life. jill certainly makes no attempt to imply (s)he could know better than her Superiors, but (s)he must use her common sense, if (s)he has any, to keep from annoying her Betters with silly questions or lack of detail.