Report 315 – Servitude

This sissy has found this assignment to be most difficult to report on. The first question this sissy thinks of what is Servitude? Webster defines it as slavery or bondage of any kind. That may be the definition of the word, but it does not describe what it means for a sissy to submit to Superior. The simple definition seems to have a negative connotation and for this sissy that is far from the reality. This sissy willingly and without reservation or guilt of any kind submits to Mistress. All that Mistress Carlisle has to do is reach for the collar or if it's already in place, reach for Her leash and this sissy is either on knees to be collared or stepping up to allow Mistress to attach the leash. This sissy must to some extent be naturally submissive for these actions seem to have come naturally without any training also wearing the collar is a reminder to this sissy of place. The very fist time this sissy had a collar put around neck was a moment of joy as the experience left feeling calm and at peace knowledge that s.he belonged to Mistress Carlisle.
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