Report 317 – Servitude

Being a fairly dominant person at my job, and everyday life, this lesson was probably the hardest for me to learn. It is very easy to serve from time to time, but very difficult to devote one's self 24/7. i still have a lot work to do in this area, but the improvements in the past several months have been impressive. i am a naturally disorganized, messy person. Goddess is an impeccably clean, and anal female.....winner of the distinguished "Spic and Span" award from Girl Scout camp as a child. Together this has been a sore subject in our relationship from day one. This was probably the most motivation factor in Her sissifying me. She saw a chance to mold me into Her pupil of cleanly ways. i have come a long way in shedding my boyish impressions of what true cleanliness is with such "forced" phrases as "Deep Cleaning Is My Favorite Cleaning"; however, with such a busy schedule, it is nearly impossible to deep clean as often as Goddess would like. There is much room for improvement i regret to say What i lack in this singular category, i try and make up for elsewhere.
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