Report 319 – Servitude

When i first read all of the assignments i realized i was in a quandary, i have no Superior or Mistress to ensure my dedication to my task so have to rely on self-discipline. (And much needed guidance from Mistress Leah who showed me the way... (Thank You Mistress Leah.)) My dictionary defined servitude as "slavery or bondage" or "work imposed as punishment." i saw it as neither. i preferred the definition provided by my assignment "....A state of subjection to an owner or a master, it denies a lack of personal freedom or to act as one chooses." What does servitude mean to me? Servitude is my way of showing my own devotion to those who are Superior to myself. By utilizing my talents, skills and strengths to either please that Superior, assist Them in Their lives, make Them comfortable and naturally prove my devotion, loyalty and obedience at the same time.
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