Report 321 – Servitude

staff | 07.22.2005 | Reports - Place and Worship

i have only just started my training (two weeks) and this is my first report so i hope You will bear with me. i know You will tell me where I am going wrong. i thought this assignment would be straightforward, because tricia has had such a vast influence in my earlier life; but now know how hard it actually is. It brings together all the other assignments and its permanence is frightening. tricia is a strong girl however and she is not frightened. she has waited a long time to be totally in control of my life. The assignment seems to naturally fall into three distinct phases: the sissy as herself (how composed and confidant she is), the sissy in the home (both domestically and sexually) and the sissy in the outside world. If its alright, i will address these phases separately.