Report 328 – Anal Submission

princess audrey maid
Last evening was a rare evening date with Miss L. It had been scheduled well in advance, and included a visit to a public dungeon. ñPublicî in the sense that there is no membership requirement, and admission is open to anyone prepared to pay the rather stiff entrance fee. Miss L had given several hints about the upcoming evening ... Wearing lingerie in public would not trouble me, as the dungeon would be controlled space even though open to the public. However this girl wasnÍt confident she could stand in her 5î inch stilettos for any prolonged flogging. And while this wouldnÍt be the first time this girl experienced Miss LÍs dildo, there would be the added stress of the dungeon and Miss LÍs decision to involve a third party. This girlÍs strongest concern was that the third party might be male and this girl has never had any sexual interest in males. However, this girl was determined to demonstrate she is a good sissy, and embarked on a training program. This girl made a point of standing continuously in her stilettos as long and as often as possible. She also practiced repeatedly inserting and removing a butt plug, to would give added confidence she could accept the strapon under stressful conditions.
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