Report 341 – Let’s go Shopping!

Sissy girl kera went on her shopping trip on Friday, it was so wonderful! When this girl arrived at the mall she suddenly became very nervous. she did not expect the VictoriaÍs Secret to be right around the corner and was shocked to see all the pretty panties and sexy outfits in the window. she was very intimidated and quickly walked by to the food court, to regain her composure. After a soda and a slice of pizza she was back out on the floor determined not to walk past her future. As she approached a group of giggling teen ages walked by looking as if they would enter, feeling her face get read the sissy walked by but noticed the girls did not enter the store, this sissy kept walking all the way around, she doesnÍt know why but she passed it again for a 3rd time. As she walked past she became very angry with herself, thinking of all the pretty things she will not have and she turned around and marched in.
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brandie love

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