Report 354 – The sissyWalk

Girlish Essence
First, i realized that in Alaska with a few notable exceptions the woman walk more like men. my personal theory is all that ice on the sidewalks and streets makes a truly feminine walk hazardous to their health. Of the notable few i was able to observe a truly stunning walk while out to dinner at one of the better restaurants. Her hands were carried neatly in front of her and i swear nothing moved other then her hips. The upper body was completely still, while her hips swayed back and forth. This is what i keep in mind during my practice. My practice in heels has been limited to a few hours a week during my lunch at home. i do practice every chance during the day however. Mostly i concentrate on keeping my foot placement on that line, then keep everything from the waist up as fixed in place as possible. At first this did not get the swish that is desired, but soon as i thought less and less about it and relaxed. i soon had a revelation of sort, it happen like this i was walking to my car from work when i became aware of my pants rubbing on backside. As i began to figure what was causing it. i just started to smile and feel so very nice, i was swishing. Not a lot mind you but enough. my sissy hood was now out to those who care to look closely. That lumbering hockey player stride is disappearing. Being replaced by a graceful, smooth and hopefully seductive swish. Next is to get some serious time in heels, but i continue to practice and revel in my display of my sissy self.
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princess alexandria

This House and Madame Stewarts guidance has provided the framework for her self awareness and her acceptance and delight in being herself in the world!