Domestic Duties
victoria | 09.22.2005 | Reports - Domestic Duties

This assignment was given to me because of a imperfectly worded question. i like all other sissies have been curtsing to Superiors as is proper. But over time i realized that the curtsy does have different forms. That the one i was performing may not be the one expected by the Superior. As well as be woefully inadequate, As i was unable to find any guidance for this in the House, i then asked Ms Bobbi Swan who has taken me under Her wing, How to perform a curtsy? Ms Bobbi Swan under the impression that i did not know how at all. Gave me the assignment to find instructions on curtsy etiquette. The following are my results, i did not realize that there was such a close tie to Ballet positions. It may be silly but that brought the curtsy from a formality, to an understanding of how a properly performing curtsy can truly please a Superior in both performance and as a display of submission and respect. Ms Bobbi Swan has give me the pleasure of asking for The House to post this report so others may benefit as well. Thank You for Your time.