Report 361 – Let’s go Shopping!

This little sissy was very bold. So desperate to be able to take her time to look at pretty girly things properly, she decided to go as libby, all dressed in her pretty clothes. A cold day would be the right day because then more clothes on and less chance of being discovered. An early start was important, because there was so much to do. First a fresh bath at 6.30 am - there was no way this one was going to stay asleep, too excited. Checked the entire body for unwanted hair. Sharpened up the edges of the pubic triangle, if this was going to eventuate it needed to be done completely as a woman. Toilet before dressing. Tucked the sissy clit into position, and some sports bandage - ouch! Tucked up the testies as though they would be gone forever. Tight lacey black undies and bra on. Hopefully the tightness would hold up the testies - it failed a number of times. Silicone breast enhancers rather than breast forms on - this sissy may be a desperate slut but certainly not a show off.
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