bethany129 | 10.06.2005 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy’s first masturbation day arrived 2 weeks ago. She had been looking forward to it for almost 2 weeks while the House Superiors reviewed her pathetic application. It was with great relief and excitement that this sissy found out the she would be able to masturbate once a week.

On the morning of my first scheduled masturbation session, this sissy shaved and showered (although she doe not shave fully). She shaved her legs from the knees down, they felt so smooth and silky. She shaved her “A” cup titties and played with the nipples for a few minutes teasing them and arousing them. Next, she shaved her scrotum and trimmed the pubic hairs around her sissy clitty, which was not erect, but none the less excited as a drop of cum formed on the end. Of course the sissy tasted it, mmmmmm.