Report 374 – Wanking 101

princess audrey maid
This sissy has hopefully been a very good girl for her Superiors. This sissy slut is reporting on her wanking. First may this sissy thank the Superiors for giving her a schedule. This sissy has stuck to the schedule and would like to report that she is practicing her cocksucking and anal sex as well. When allowed this sissy, either sucks one of her dildos (8" & 12") or has sex with it or both. It is so wonderful to feel both of my sex organs (mouth and sissy pussy) filled while she is allowed to play with herself.
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This sissy has just finished he.r second month with House of Sissify! I am amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone has been to this new sissy! Jamie is on chat almost every day for an hour or so catching… Read more “jamie”