Report 387 – The Devil is in the Details

michellemonr | 11.23.2005 | Reports - Girlish Essence

A few weeks ago this sissy was asked by the Boss Lady (part time) to help Her at home. This is not an uncommon occurrence.

The Boss Lady is 38 and Angela Jolie like in Stature _ She makes this sissy feel very weak and feminine. But have never said anything more than yes maÍam and no ma’am to Her

She was moving and this sissy was there to move boxes. Looking around for things to do
She pointed to some skirts and blouses and said îWouldnÍt you take those to the Goodwill Box or maybe better yet wouldnÍt you like them yourself?î this sissy froze _ how did she know this sissy had urges to dress?) but said nothing. She just laughed but looked at me quickly and then went on with other work.