Report 419 – A Visit From Aunt Flo

Mistress L's little sissy chrissypoo had he-r first visit from Aunt Flo yesterday. And little sissy chrissypoo is very happy over the whole ordeal. That is, she is happy except for one added chore that she must perform each of the five days during he-r period.sissy chrissypoo made an error in judgement a number of weeks back and was ordered to inform the House of he-r indescretion. Yes, sissy chrissypoo wanked on an unapproved day and now suffers extreme consequences each and everytime Aunty Flo visits he-r from now on. Not only will she follow all of Aunty Flo's rules during her periods, the House of Sissfy had determined that she will also add a generous squeeze of Extra Strength Ben Gay to her Kotex Pad plus some Cold Cream after shaving her Clitty Region smooth to make wearing it feel extra slimy and very uncomfortable.
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sissy krissy

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