Domestic Duties
kendra-4 | 02.15.2006 | Reports - Domestic Duties

Hello sister sissies and greetings and respect to my Superiors here at the House of Sissify. The time has come for Kendra to share her story with the rest of the world. She hopes it will bring joy and hope to her sisters around the world.

Her story actually begins when she was pre-school age and would love going through the hamper or the various chests of drawers belonging to her mother and two older sisters. She would play dress up and always loved the softness and girlie feeling derived from her playing house. Her mother really did not try to stop her and allowed her to play girl because it was easier than trying to explain that she was not really like her sisters. Kendra loved running around the house with earrings on her ears, lipstick on her lips, rouge on her cheeks, and in her mothers high heels. She knew even then that she was a girl, even though she was too young to know the difference between girls and boys. All she knew was that she wanted to be just like her mom and her sisters. She really loved it when she had her nails painted like her sisters.