Report 441 – A Visit From Aunt Flo

Good Morning Mistresses, i am writing to report on my second visit from "Aunt Flo". This visit was much more discomforting than my first visit. i took all of my instructions to heart and purchased my own supplies for my "special time". (For my first visit i borrowed tampons and pads from my wife) The first lesson i learned was that it pays to purchase quality items. For my first visit (as i mentioned) i borrowed from my wifeÍs supply, which included "Always" overnight maxi pads and "Playtex Gentle Guide" tampons. i purchased the same brand of pads, but instead bought a cheaper, generic tampon which had a cardboard applicator instead of the gentle guide plastic. The cardboard applicator was much rougher on insertion, which was fine with me, at first. However, by the fourth change, i began to feel some irritation in my "vaginal" area. If this was going to continue for 3 1/2 more days, i felt the need to get a tampon that felt much gentler on application, so it meant another trip to the pharmacy to pick up some gentle guide, plastic tampons. After changing to the "new" tampons, i felt a little better. i remained "tucked" for 5 days, so at the end, my poor "clitty" was very shriveled and ready to come out. i also missed 3 "special days" and was dying for my visit to end, so i could visit the "sissy sex room". Despite my temptations, i remained a good sissy and did not touch myself during my "visit". i drank at least a gallon of water each day. By day 2 was running to the bathroom so often, my co-workers were wondering if i had a problem as i was always excusing myself to visit the restroom. i also took the nipple irritation much further, as i began with Ben Gay on each nipple at each change, but found the feeling went away very quickly. i thought the irritation should last throughout the entire period, so i quickly improvised half way through day one and inserted two discs of sand paper inside my camisole and secured them with 2 sided tape. Every time i moved the sand paper rubbed my nipples and added to my pleasure at first, but then to my discomfort later.
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The House is there like a beacon in the darkness.  You have done, and are doing, so much for the community and this sissy is very grateful.