Report 446 – Tucking

Girlish Essence
For years laura would sometimes just dress with her sissy clitty sticking up, but since it is so little it didnÍt make much of a bulge. The reason i liked this was because when in panties, a tight panty girdle and tights and a leotard, i could lay back and put my legs high up above me with my hands supporting my hips and do a variety of leg movements. i even had names for these such as apart-together, knees-down-in-and-ups, apart-cross-apart-reverse-cross, and flutter like a ballerina. i would do this while listening to a lady on an exercise record (yes record). Why in the world would i do this? It created friction and exhaustion and i could orgasm very intensely.But then i started tucking everything back when i dressed because i didnÍt want any bulge. i also felt more feminine when i tucked. Then my life changed. i moved into my own home and i joined the House of Sissify. i started doing some parts of many different assignments in Behavior Modification. But i didnÍt write up many of them. (i have been told that this is about to change girls.)
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Love the site and the culture; all the sisters this sissy has met has made a difference in this sissy’s demeanor and comportment – as well as confidence in overcoming those who try to force negative attitudes to this sissy… Read more “linda”