Report 453 – Servitude

This sissy believes she is respectful and encouraging to all. But she received a comeuppance when she logged out of chat and found she was banned. This sissy thought about her behavior and realized she'd sent some overtly dominant private messages in chat and even mentioned to a sister in the public part of the Etcetera chat room that she was doing so . This sissy humbly thanks the House Electriks for being so alert and calling her on her behavior immediately. Rebukes and punishments, to be effective, must be immediate. On reading that she was banned, this sissy reviewed her behavior and acknowledged her error. This sissy is glad she does not know which words or phrases attracted the attention of the Electriks, so she must remain careful if she is not to be banned again.
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Thank You, House, for being there so that us closet “sissies” have an avenue to express ourselves. This service is invaluable to us sissies so that we may express our sexuality.