Report 454 – A Visit From Aunt Flo

i am reporting on my second visit from "Aunt Flo". i took even more preparations this time to try to make this time as authentic as possible. For this visit, i had been to the pharmacy and had all the necessary items. (Last visit, i had borrowed pads and tampons from my wifeÍs supplies) i began by going to the pharmacy and purchasing Playtex Overnight Maxi Pads and a Generic Tampon. i also bought a fresh tube of Ben Gay to serves as a nipple irritant. My next stop was a local department store to purchase a couple pairs of smaller size panties to ensure that my ñtuckî was nice and tight. After making my purchases i went home and began my assignment.
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The House has been great, this sissy feels that this is a great community with very respectable Superiors and Staff who run our House. This sissy is very grateful. The House of Sissify has helped this sissy keep in mind… Read more “tiffany”