Report 466 – Maidhood 101

Domestic Duties
Your audrey is so sorry about her long blackout. But she has got good news: a Mistress has decided to help her become a real sissy. Her name is Lady Marlene and audrey is serving her and obeying her commands.audrey is so happy that Lady Marlene takes her in charge.audreyÍs Mistress insists that her maid has a perfect outfit and behaviour. audrey must take care of her body hairs, have an elegant make up, her nails done, always wear her corset, her stockings, her high heels (at least 5ÍÍ), sexy underwears and a ribbon around her little clitty. Then she is ready to serve her Mistress in her maid outfit. For the time being, audrey has got two maid oufits that Dear Sissify Staff can see on the pictures.
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Once again I would like to deeply thank all the Staff of Sissify for just being there for me and others like me. As I am more or less confined to my house (physical problems), and this service is one of… Read more “justina”