Report 488 – Servitude

Perhaps the most important core value of sissy training is servitude, since without its incorporation, all the other lofty goals would be not accomplished. It is defined as a state of subjection to an owner or master and its goal is the complete and total annihilation of all thoughts, feelings or desires for anyone or anything other than the mistress/master. It is accomplished by humiliation and consistent attempts at rewiring of past brain functioning with numerous constant stern reminders before the sissy slave is ready to be offered as presentable property.A sissy must learn to be a better servant through mastery of cooking, cleaning, massaging, being a proper hostess at parties and becoming skilled at cunnilingus and fellatio. A sissy must also keep up her appearance whether sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, talking, serving or being punished and remember each moment to subjugate her psyche as well as her body in order to become a proper sissy slave.
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