bonniebee | 06.29.2006 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy timidly submits her first report on wanking after a brief but explosive session on an Approved Masturbation Day. When she first saw the official House notice, she was excited, as usual, but after reading the fantasy that was so kindly provided, her level of arousal became pornosissygraphic. As she mentioned in an earlier thank you e-note to the Masturbation Control Board, shortly after draining her clitty juice, and while still in the glow, the fantasy was a perfect selection for this sissy. In fact, it was all that she could do to prevent a premature squirt into her panties. This would not ordinarily distress her, as she LOVES to cum in pretty panties, but she was determined to fulfill her sissy duty and provide clear evidence of ejaculation.