melissar | 08.01.2006 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Living as a Woman full time now for over a dozen years doing Womanly things is the normal way of life, but never had i gone into a bikini shop to try on and purchase the smallest and most revealing of thong bikinis. my Mistress/husband V after looking quickly at your site decided that i needed to first get a professional waxing and then go shopping. i do try to keep myself properly hair free in the proper places, have had electroysis treatments but in certain delicate areas some hair does appear sometimes and it is looked upon as masculinity by V, resulting in punishment and painful waxing. Yesterday i had an appointment at Mele’a a hair, skin and nail salon that i have gone to often and has kept my tiny thing a secret. They gave me a wax treatment of perfection and today i was quite confident that even gafless, a tiny bikini would not betray me, but i wore this super tiny tight gaff that V had given me as a gift not long ago.