candigee | 09.07.2006 | Reports - sissySexuality

Yesterday was one of this sissy’s “wanking” days ? Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Because i am married (to “Princess,” which is how i shall refer to Her throughout this report), She makes the final decision as to whether i am allowed to squirt my little “puddle.” She also makes the final decision on how i am to do this, for it is not always my rubbing my sissy-clit with my fingers. For example, one night She tied my hands behind my back and required me to rub my sissy-clit against her feet (while She masturbated) until i squirted. Of course, i was required to lick it all up from her feet when i was done! She has already informed me that the next time She lets me squirt inside her (for this is my Privilege upon occasion), i must do a “clean-up” job (of course, when i do that i will fantasize that She came home from a “date” in that condition).