Report 536 – Tucking

Girlish Essence
Greetings to Mistress Sarah-Ashley and The House Staff, This sissy has taken it upon herself to practice her tucking exercise, and she felt very feminine as she practiced her tucking. This sissy slut used to be embarassed that she was "cursed" by a small clitty, but now this little sissy feels blessed to have a small appendage. she has discovered that by tucking, she is truly submiting herself to her feminine side, and is futher removing any traces of her remaining masculinity. by tucking her little clitty between her legs, she is no longer screaming "look at me. what a man with a boner." instead, this sissy is controlling her remaining manly urges. this is especially true on any day other than her special days, for she finds it easier to control her little clitty when it is in it's proper place. this little slut knows that her clitty, like her, must only show itself when appropriate, such as on approved days or on visits to the bathroom. when this sissy's clitty is tucked back and begins to feel the urge to urinate, this sissy is reminded to sit on the toilet, and to urinate like a true lady, always sitting, never standing.
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Thank you very much for everything. The house allowed me to feel like a real woman and to accept my nature as a submissive girl and happy to be so