jeantgirl | 11.27.2006 | Reports - sissySexuality

At the age of 16 i read a story ñIf i could suck my own cock i would never leave the houseî. This was something i had to try, i do not know why but i wanted to give it a try. Laying on my back, my feet over my head, i found i could come close to touching my cock with my tongue. After a week of this i found that by wrapping my arms around my legs and pulling i could lick the end of my cock. i would lick my cock then masturbate. After two weeks of doing this every day i was able to get the head of my cock in my mouth. For the next few months when i masturbated i always sucked myself first. Then i started to suck longer, waiting till i was ready to cum before pulling my cock out of my mouth and squirting cum all over myself. Then one day it happened i did not pull out in time and got a mouth full of cum. Now i did like the taste of pre-cum but a full load left a bad taste in my mouth.