susansears | 03.16.2007 | Reports - sissySexuality

susan finally hooked up!

i’ve been in contact with a guy who i blew back in high school back in the ’70’s. He was one hot dude then and he still is now. We felt guilty about the 69 we performed on each other back then, (God, he was hot wearing his sister’s dress) but it didn’t stop us from doing it a few more times.

We lost contact because he got married and didn’t want to continue our mutual cocksucking. i got married also which was ok, but not as good as having regular cock servicing. i missed my friend’s cock SO MUCH. i stroked my pathetic little clitty every day thinking about him sticking his wonderful cock in my mouth while i slowly caressed his cute little ass. He was a runner, so he had (and still does) a nice ass. Even though i like servicing women too, the power of the penis is much more desirable, especially for a sissy like me.