Report 604 – Shaving

Girlish Essence
Dear Superior Beings and Mistresses of the House of Sissify,Studying Your wonderful Behaviour Modification Assignments as often as she can this little sissy sub of Yours not just used to follow every single word of Your advices to the letter but also to seek for the inner meaning of what You are showing us sissies. Doing so she now beliefs to understand that everything You use to publish in Your House, every order and every gratification, first of all is meant to help us sissies to raise our inner feminization and to help us find our proper place in life. Being an inside girl for many years now this little sissy feels glad to tell You that with Your marvelous help she has become so absolutely feminized and submissive in her feeling and sexuality that she has no other whish left but to become the weakest and most obedient sissy ever. This for sure includes that she not just doesn't hesitate to wear her lingerie and her nighties every hour a day and everywhere she goes but also that she now feels the need to be as sexual attractive for the real Men as she could. And without any doubt she would love to do whatever You like to order her to proof her sluttish feelings to everybody who would like to see and use her like this.As the Mistresses know there are always a lot of very good reasons why a pathetic little sissy like Your sissy moan should be properly shaved at her whole body all the time and under any circumstances:
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