Report 606 – Wanking 101

princess audrey maid
It was Saturday night and this sissy prepared to complete her first step in wanking 101. sissy read over the assignment and prepared herself by dressing in her black panties and bra with 38b forms and wig (blond, shoulder length and pageboy style). s.he then prepared by taking her thumb and forefinger and slowly starting to strock her clitty s.he watched her sissy hands delicately stroke up and down and imagined it was a real Man's throbbing member and s.he began to imagine how His wonderful cum would taste in sissy's cum receptacle. As s.he began to stroke faster s.he fondled her niblets imagining they were a real Man's sack and what pleasure s.he would bring him once she was worthy to take this deliciously wonderful Man into her sissy mouth and serve him like a good sissy should.
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