vickycd | 05.15.2007 | Reports - sissySexuality

Sissy vicky would like to thank the House Staff of Sissify for allowing he.r to have masturbation privileges for scheduled days.vicky has chosen wanking 101 because it was what vicky thought would be he.r first assignment from the House after asking for masturbation privileges.vicky has read and re-read wanking 101 assignment so s.he can learn more efficiently about becoming a sissy under control of the House and being a better sissy. This sissy plans on using he.r masturbation days for becoming “sissy vicky” who’s a very pretty girl.So vicky’s assignment begins with a 20 minute bath with Calgons moisturizing bath powder,drys off quickly because its cold. Gets out he.r electric shaver and begins to trim up he.r sissy-clit area.