edie | 05.28.2007 | Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy is nearly overwhelmed when she considers that the Mistresses of The House have guided her into the inescapable practice of a monthly visit from Aunt Flo — a visit that will come once a month for the rest of her life. This sissy made a decision some months ago that since she was just a mere sissy, it was particularly important that her menstrual periods be “difficult” so that she would have the fullest possible experience of a woman’s time-of-the-month.

After two months of experimenting, this sissy has found that each of the House instructions is excellent advice. She uses tampons in her sissy vagina throughout her period of six days, and wears super pads under her pantie girdles for four days.
This sissy finds that bloating and liquid intake are both important for true simulation. she is absolutely religious about drinking a minimum of an extra gallon of warm water every day of her period. This is difficult for her, but she has no choice and must force herself to do it.