christina | 06.05.2007 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy is perhaps to eager to benefit from all the advantages of being accepted into the House as s.he is already on second assignment report which s.he has understood to deal with everything that is frilly. To show it to others this sissy is using a bicycle which allows to dress in very thin stretch riding trousers, light beige thru which the 4 wide strap suspender belt with metal clasps adjusters holding the fully fashioned stockings is so visible. S.he has light beige girls loafers on her stockinged feet which everyone can see too. If the weather permits, and having put some distance between her neighborhood, she takes of her jacket and continues in a white girl see through blouse, with an extra white bra that shines through. S.h also wears three different panties so their contours are clearly visible when she sits down on the bicycle, stretching the trousers.