Report 623 – Shaving

Girlish Essence
i am reasonably new to the House of Sissify and on my own admission not one of your youngest sissies so i intend to make the best of it.Shaving i was reasonably void of hairs anyway but now in the short time i have been with you i have completely removed all my hairs. i have also had a fellow TV visit me and i have decided to start plucking my eyebrows.Well it started with a visit to the supermarket where i put 3 tubes of Nair i then came home stripped and applied nair to all parts of my body after 15-20 minutes i then went under shower what a feeling. i then proceeded to get dressed with full clothes and full make up. My TV friend Gina visited later and i told her what i was planning and said i needed to start letting the world know what i wanted and decided to start plucking my eyebrows.
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