Report 649 – Anal Submission

princess audrey maid
Last night my beautiful Goddess Jen got me very turned on, and then continued by pulling out Her dildo and putting it down Her pants to look like a real dick. Not knowing what She had in store this sissy playfully touched and stroked it while it was in my Goddess' pants. That was when she said that she was going to fuck me with it. So Goddess Jen moved on by blindfolding me and then sitting in between my legs. She asked me " do you feel like a whore sitting here with your legs spread open". Then She began to slide it into my sissy pussy nice and slow. Telling me to rub my sissy clit while She fucked me, but demanding that I didn't cum yet. After awhile of fucking my ass good and hard my Goddess got out her other dildo and told me that I needed to cum all over it. So I rubbed my sissy clit hard and fast and soon enough this sissy came all over the 10" dildo. Once I was done cumming my Goddess took the dildo from me and began to rub it against my lips. Telling me to open up and forcing me to suck all of the cum off of the dildo.
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