sissymoan | 12.03.2007 | Reports - sissySexuality

Trying to be the most obedient sissy she can be this little sissy wants to submit the next report about her Behavior Modification Assignment that is centered in this sissy’s anal submission.

As the Mistresses might be merciful to remember from this sissy’s first submission and her diary she is owned by the wonderful Mistress Rose who in 2003 decided to quit having any sexual intercourse with this sissy and from there on to have Her erotic fulfillment with Real Men only. Being neither able to produce a reliable erection without being wanked with a pair of panties nor to produce anything else but a little bit infertile sissy cream Her sissy would have to endure the humiliation of regular cuckolding and to submit under the full control of the House of Sissify again to become a perfect little sissy maid for the Mistress and Her Lover as well.