Report 695 – Anal Submission

staff | 12.12.2007 | Reports - sissySexuality

For some time now sissy has been practicing to get her sissy cunt in shape for a real man. At first her fingers were used to penetrate and stimulate her sissy hole.

s.he gradually moved on to a small toy roughly the same size as her thumb in diameter. Finally s.he was able to insert a dildo that was 1″ in diameter at the base and 6′ in length. At first it was painful, but sissy relaxed and took deep breaths to accept it inside of her. s.he glided up and down on the cock.and s.he wondered if this was how it would feel when s.he would spread her legs for a real man and slowly drifted off into fantasy land fealing a rock hard juicy cock penetrate her fully.