Getting Real
philippa | 02.02.2008 | Reports - Getting Real

Sissy-slut philippa has reached 4th year in the House of Sissify. What a fascinating period in sissy-life indeed! How much has s.he enjoyed all this time, how many things has s.he learned from all outstanding Superiors, sissy-sisters and friends inside, is expressed by growing lust in exposing sissy self more and more, filling gallery with more pics, more sultry, more sexy and above all more feminine. The goal of accepting self as sissy is already done, it was not hard actually, feminine side is now stronger than ever, girly existence is now a fact that canÍt be hidden or fade any more. However itÍs true, this sissy is remaining a ñlesbianî, still not attracted by Real Men, still clearly not interested in full transformation, still playing in-between genders, but truly understood sissy side, as a submissive admirer of Womanhood, as an eager servant of any powerful Domme, as a nasty little whore, that loves to tease and be teased like the sissy-slut s.he really is.