redlipsdick | 02.05.2008 | Reports - sissySexuality

If my superiors will aloow me to proceed I will share how I jerk my cock to the point of exploding into my own mouth. It goes like this. I start by getting undreesed and turning on a shemale movie on my computer that I listen to with headphoes up real loud. That way it sounds as if she is talking righy yo me. I lay out my lingerie and insert a 4″ buttplug in my ass. Then come my panties to hold it securely while i put on my camisette with garters. These hold up the stockings that slip into my white high heels.In my favorite movie from shemalemov the sissy is on her back with a big cock stradding her chest and a pumping to her lips. I take a dildo and gently at first suck the head. I climb onto my bed with a pillow under my ass This is when my vibrartor is run with my hand up and down my cock. My cock is pointed at my face , a she ahemale is showing me correct sucking technique while moaning loudly in my ears. I suck harder and harder on the fake cock in my mouth only hoping it was real and then It takes a couple of minutes before the excitement is too great andI shoot a gob of cum on my face or into a bag that i dip the dildo into and slowly lick the cum off of it at a very slow pace enjoying everl last drop.